Breaking Down The Trans Bathroom Debacle

Ever since the recently passed HB2 in North Carolina which mandates that all people use the public restroom that corresponds with their birth sex, my social media has been inundated with questions about how I, as a transgender woman, feel about this. It’s only natural people are curious about my opinion on this topic considering I have a Youtube channel where I discuss trans-everything often.

The passing of this bill does not keep me up at night. The only thing that keeps me up at night is the stupidity surrounding arguments on both sides of the aisle. And it’s became clear to me that people who aren’t trans seem to get up in arms about it much more than we do.

The regressive left is harping on about businesses needing to open up a separate “gender-neutral restroom” for trans people. Bullshit. Although there is no real way to calculate the transgender population America (we are not included in the Census), it is estimated that we are 0.3% of the population. If a business chooses to allocate funds for separate bathrooms for such a small number of people, great! But the idea that they should be forced to do so is absurd. Leftists are also completely ignoring the fact that most trans people don’t want a third restroom. If you go through the trouble of changing your body and legal identity, why in the world would you opt into a non-gendered bathroom?

The Republican lawmakers on the other hand, seem to think that bathrooms are rape hot spots. If someone is morally bankrupt enough to commit an act of rape or sexual assault, do you really think a caricature of a man or a woman on the door is going to stop someone from entering to act it out?

So where does this leave me personally? I don’t live in North Carolina, but even if I did.. It would not actually affect me. Not only does my birth certificate, social security, and drivers license read “female”, do you think even if I hadn’t changed my paperwork I would be stopped and told to use the men’s room?


This is the part of this discussion that seems to be missing – most transgender people will not be affected by this law whatsoever. Does this mean that trans people who do not “pass” should be forgotten? Well, no. But does that mean we must cater to a minority within a minority? No.

Unfortunately there is a grey area that exists – What is the difference between someone who *says* they identify as a woman but looks completely like a man, and a trans woman who just unfortunately does not pass? To the eye, there is not much difference. But in my opinion, it is safe to say that if you make an effort to pass and assimilate, you shouldn’t have an issue. And even further, if you pass poorly but have your paperwork in order, nobody can tell you shit anyway!

So baring in mind that we are 0.3% of the population, only a fraction of that number will actually be negatively affected. This law only affects people who could potentially use the opposite gender’s bathroom as a space to enact sexual violence (although, again, this seems to be a nonissue as well. It strikes me as odd a rapist would use choose an extremely public space), or Tumblrinas who choose to identify as a different gender every other day.

It is insane to me to think that this is the focus of the left. Hey guys, how about turning our attention to the transgender women being stoned by Muslim refugees in Germany?


Nevermind.. That might be a little too real for you.



  1. Hey thanks Blair. I found you on Youtube last week and subscribed. I agree with you on something and not on others. It’s not as simple as you put it. A good example is the high school trans Lila Perry in Texas. My understanding is that it isn’t just bathroom sharing. It’s locker rooms too. A bunch of students mostly girls protested about having to share a locker room with an unaltered male. There is no privacy in locker rooms. And then there is Toronto University which also started changing locker rooms and showers back to single genders after men started walking in and filming girls in showers. The women only signs do keep a lot of less bold men out. But with the law changes its literally a welcome mat.

    • The problem in the high school is one that needs to be dealt with by the school administrators or local school board not by state or national legislature.

  2. Totally agree in general. I’m trans and I live in NC, and I know that HB2 was pushed through at an emergency meeting giving no time for anyone else to actually look at the bill and develop a counter argument. The situation in NC with HB2 is a bit different than what we usually hear since HB2 is a response to an ordinance in the city of Charlotte that was for transgender people using the bathroom(side note: you can’t change gender markers on your birth certificate in NC). Make no mistake, HB2 is much more than bathrooms, in fact the main reason I think it should be repealed is that it strips cities of their power to to enforce their ordinances, i’m sure the republicans here were much more excited about that prospect than keeping a few people out of certain bathrooms.

    • You’re saying it has more to do with using it as a wedge issue to allow cities more authority to pass other laws?

      If so that would draw my ire. As to which bathroom is used, I always figured they’re use whatever whether there was law or not. Good lord we aren’t going to hire attendants to ensure the physical parts match up.

    • Just to clarify, you can have your gender changed on your Birth Certificate in NC if you’ve had SRS, but not before; like some other states. Additionally, some states only require HT. All require documentation from the medical field. In NC, all you need do is supply a notarized letter from a doctor (preferably the one responsible for the surgery, but it’s not mandatory) verifying SRS, along with the typically required state forms. Only Idaho, Kansas, Ohio and Tennessee won’t change a Birth Certificate’s gender, afaik. That may have changed recently.

      • I’m a big believer in birth certificate amendments for people who’ve had sex reassignment surgery (OMG, I used the archaic term and not “gender confirmation surgery or some such! TRIGGER!!!! MICROAGGRESSION!!!). But new birth certificates on the basis of hormone therapy? That is so BOGUS!!! The theory behind California’s pioneering amendment law, in the late 1970s, was ooops, understandable mistake, now that that’s fixed by your surgeon, you get a do-over and you’re good to go. Driver’s licenses are a different story … New ones were meant for people preparing for surgery, but if they help people with less intense gender stuff navigate society, no harm done. The markers on birth certificates, though, are SEX markers, not GENDER markers. Because, science.

        Blaire, have I told you lately that you rock?

  3. 1) Sexual assault in restrooms IS a problem – women are often isolated, and easy targets.
    2) Keeping men out gives businesses grounds for calling the police if a man enters. There is the pre-rape activity, known as scouting, that allows a perp to ascertain whether a woman is alone. If a man is not allowed, just his presence will trigger a response that puts him on the sexual offender list. Without that, police have to wait until after he commits an assault.

    Why is that a problem? Well, in James Neff’s book Unfinished Murder, a serial rapist – Ronnie Shelton – preyed on women in the West Park neighborhood for quite a long time. He actually had been seen, and picked up by police, for “Peeping Tom” actions. However, at that time, it was considered “no big deal”, since the belief was that such actions were harmless, and the men involved would not act further. Since then, police have learned that such activities constitute “pre-rape” stalking.

    So, if a woman feels uncomfortable with men in an isolated area, where she has to remove part of her clothing to do her business, she is not unrealistic, nor paranoid.

    What has this to do with the trans population? Very little. But, unfortunately, if a person with a penis is present, whether or not he dresses as a women, he reasonably constitutes a potential threat.

    A man in a dress? Yes. It is possession of the equipment that is the problem.

    Would the trans population back off if NC had ways to change gender legally? Probably not.

  4. Well thought out article as concise and insightful as always. Given my similar experiences, stances and keeping in mind your thoughts let me share some of my own observations. Much of the laws you are now seeing being pushed at the state level is sociocultural blowback responding to decades of antagonization from the political left who view said demographics as political opposition (1). In support of said antagonization the political left hijacked vulnerable demographics (in this case alternatively orientated people) as cannon fodder in the left tactile political endeavors. The form of that hijacking centering on the co-opting of the challenges that alternatively orientated people face as a means to infantilize and weaponize said alternatively orientated people without a care in the world of the damage said co-option would have on the very demographics the political left brazenly claims to speak for. Well done Ms. White. You continue your clarity and bravery continue to impress every day.

    End Notes Cited Sources

    1. In this case political opposition would be Judea Christian religious right.

  5. addendum:

    A quick post script. The observations I offer above does not undermine the fact that those that are alternatively orientated (including myself) do not deserve EQUAL rights. Rather the observations are offered as a criticism of the left attempts at weaponizing a vulnerable demographics by masquerading preferential rights as equal rights.

  6. I don’t even have to read the article to say this gender neutral bathrooms debate is utter bullshit. I’m sure that a transgender person goes to the restroom they identify as without a problem. This whole debate is because of idiots thinking they can speak for a minority they don’t understand and therefore project their ignorance upon the rest of the nation. Trans people do not go around with a sign drawing attention to them being such, so these idiots calling for special treatment on behalf of transgender individuals are, in fact, just putting a bulls eye on their back. I’m so sick of people wanting to “speak for others” based solely off their own perceptions and expect everyone to change to fix their misconceptions. They just need to stop. I honestly feel their meddling with matters like this is just causing more issues for the transgender community rather than fixing anything.

  7. If they have had surgery and are effectively female then what’s the problem? I think the trickier questions are around “chicks with dicks” and whether they should be allowed in women’s facilities beyond bathrooms as well as locker rooms and saunas.

  8. Well thought out argument/opinion Blaire. Some (read most) SJW’s are just looking for something to fight against.

  9. Couldn’t be more wrong.
    The lid is down on the pink toilet. Everybody knows women always leave the lid up and only the seat down. On top of that, public toilets don’t even have lids in the first place.
    Get your facts straight! 😛

    Actually, I think you did a pretty good job of breaking things down. Not completely convinced that the fraction of the fraction impacted is as small as you suggest, for several reasons, but overall your examination of the issue seems pretty rational.

    However, I believe there’s a commonly overlooked facet of the issue still missing; the “gendered crime” and “rape culture” proponents now fighting against legislation which prohibits transgender people from using the other bathroom are really doing nothing more than complaining about having to lie in the bed they made for themselves.

  10. The “Transwomen being stoned by Muslim refugees” took me a bit of a second to see how fuck up that really is. It’s not just people stoning others for their own life choices, but the fact it’s refugees, people who were just invited into that country, doing it. It’s almost like inviting somebody to my home, seeing that I like the game Destiny, and taking it upon himself to throw my PS4 away without my permission. I have no issue with Muslims or the refugees, but to immediately instill their beliefs onto others in a brutal way, in another nation that’s not truly their own and only invited through circumstance, is fucked up.

  11. Big Fan Blaire White. You speak truth and do it gracefully. Not only are you an educated, beautiful young lady, you are not afraid to speak your mind and stand up for your beliefs. It’s funny how they are quick to label you a bigot, homophobic, xenophobe or any other fucking phobe. What two consenting adults do in their bedroom is up to them, but when they push that P.C. crap in public schools and teach children about gender neutrality and the acceptance of homosexuals at such a young age is wrong in my book, especially when children at that age still call there genitalia “my naughty place” and surely haven’t matured mentally or physically . Keep up the good fight Ms. White. If ever in Chicago for a function I’d be honored to help.

  12. There has been at least one case of a cis woman being harassed when going to use the women’s restroom because she looked manly. When there are cis women with a masculine look and cis men with a feminine look, this could turn into a clusterfuck of harassment over a non-issue.

  13. Thank u so much Blair for speaking out and sharing. I hope that others will do the same. I am a 57 year old baby boomer female, who looses no sleep either on this subject. We have been sharing bathrooms with transgenders for years, little do some people know. I feel that the LGBT community is being used some how and therefore being targeted, please feel free to share with me if u disagree. For me I look dominantly white, however I am Native American, Dutch, French and Italian. When really I am an American.

  14. Thank u Blaire for sharing, I hope many will educate themselves before they open their mouths. Little do people know we have been sharing bathrooms for years with trans. I personally loose no sleep either on this subject. I am a 57 year old female baby boomer of 57. I feel like the LGBT community in some way is being used. I just have not quite put my finger on it. Again thank u.

  15. Go to bathroom that corresponds with your genitalia Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina. Not that hard to figure out. I don’t want my kid growing up in this shitty ass world.

    • What potential threat might she face if she used the males bathroom?? Since you seem to have all the fucking answers you should know. Could you even think that far ahead?? And as for her being a Liberal, Hardly.

  16. I know you are deleting my comments, just because we disagree. You are a sore liberal crybaby. Post this shit. Whatevwe is between your legs, is the bathroom you go in, period, aint that hard to figure out.

    • Nothing is a more clear indicator of a deep thinker then the insistence that that every issue is as simple as black and white. The need or desire to reduce all issues to a simple to grasp ‘this or that’, ‘black or white’ choice is indicative of either the inability or lack of willingness to see the very real complexity and nuance involved.
      “Simple as that” you claim. Simple is you, I say.

  17. Ms.white you are dangerous I found you on you tube you are so cute and I thought straight up genius white girl answering black questions I did a little stand up I have that dark humor no pun mind you. I was duped the lolly pop the valley girl answers sexy I didn’t know you were transgendered oops! Anyway I’m a little bi(the last time 4years ago hey it hurts) please stay safe if anyone threatens you let me know I’m ex military (that’s my world);)

  18. To correct the article: these transgenders haven’t been stoned as the term says. The arabs threw pebbles at them… Terrible anyway, don’t get me wrong. But a difference between “stoning” and “pebbles”.
    Greetings from Germany! 🙂

  19. Just wanna let you know you are the most beautiful woman i have had the privilege to gaze upon and fuck those death threats and shit, if anyone of them hurts you i will hunt them down in your honor.
    P.S. You’re fucking funny and intelligent in your vids

  20. I have to agree with you on the “passing” point Blaire. You’re a VERY attractive woman who would have no trouble no matter what your paperwork says. You would definitely raise more than a few eyebrows strolling into a mens room.

  21. Hey Blaire,

    My name is Charles Doran and I have a question for you, or if you would, a scenario. I have a six year old cousin who is transgender and made people aware of this when she was three. Rather, she said “mommy I am a girl”, and her parents, who are very progressive and openminded changed her name and dress her as a little girl. This decesion has literally split my family in half, with the main argument against this decesion being that my cousin is too young to know and that the parents encouraged it too much. I want to know when you knew you were a girl and is there such thing as “too young”? I have started following on YOUTUBE and I love your videos. I think you hit so many of these issues spot on. My politics are more towards the right but I think of myself as openminded and willing to listen to differences of opinion. If others have input on this I would also love to hear. I am not looking for a specific answer so you can hit me with anything.

  22. Hey Blaire – checked you out after seeing you on Infowars several times.

    Love your posts, girl. You go! F**k the crazy leftist haters!

    Just put it out there – lots of us will have your back!

  23. Ms. White,
    I am completely impressed. I have always been on the “political right”, although I try not to completely categorize myself. I consider myself fairly open and understanding. I was a police officer for over a decade, took early retirement and ended up doing three tours overseas, one in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. Having these years of life experiences have certainly opened my mind. I have been getting more involved with politics and world events. I ran across your youtube channel, which I promptly subscribed to. You are an excellent spokeswoman on the issues you address and it is refreshing to see someone spell out some of the stupidity. After my wife and I watched your videos on feminism and blm, we became fans. In fact, I’m considering making a channel to express some of my opinions. Please don’t stop being who and what you are. You are inspirational, hilarious, and intelligent. A beautiful person. If I could ever help you in any way, just let me know. Thank you!

  24. Hello Ms. White. I am a very old school guy so the topic of transgender to me is about as foreign as the surface of Mars. In truth I never liked transgender people because there always saying I am an oppressive pile of shit just for being a white middle aged male when in fact I treat people the same as they treat me, regardless of what they call or do to them selves. But I must admit watching some of your videos has been a breath of fresh air coming from this section of American society. You seem to be thick skinned, intelligent, motivated and patriotic which are traits in young people I find only in the military these days. Transgender or not, you give me some hope that this generation growing up today will not completely strip away the freedoms my family and others have tried to defend and pass down all are lives. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  25. Blaire I think you need to put out the call for other trans people like yourself so that you are not seen as an anomaly within the community that you are now. There must be others as level-headed and fair-minded as you. And if there are they may well feel like they are all alone in there attitudes & ways of thinking. But someone like you, with an established and respected platform and following could potentially get them to come out of the woodwork thereby strengthening the voices of reason. It’s just a thought.

  26. Okay so after reading through this I have only one issue.

    Rape, typically occurs in a private location about 60% of the time and 80% of that statistic the rapist is someone the victim knows. The other 40% of the time a rape occurs in a public location ( parking lot, park, restaurant, night club, public rights of way, festival grounds, etc. ) and in said situations only 10% of the time is it committed by someone the victim knows. It is a legitimate concern to prevent crime but some nations that have adopted a unisex / flexgender bathroom law have also put in place laws regarding CCTV monitoring of said spaces in a way to prioritizes public safety and privacy at the same time. Basically there is a camera in the restroom in a location where it could capture the beginning or end of an incident without being able to observe and record people in vulnerable states of privacy… I.E. taking a shit.

    Now New York City is starting to follow through with the IBCC… International Building Code Council on creating flexgender restroom building codes. However businesses hate this because they end up loosing square footage they could dedicate to their business use space and in their eyes gets wasted on building code issues.

    Here is an example:

    I had a client that absolutely lost their mind that in order to accommodate building codes they needed to erect a 36 foot long ramp in order to create an ADA ( Americans with Disabilities Act ) accessible route for access and egress into their business / retail space. Typical egress width for egress purposes is 44 inches so lets round it up to a whole 4 feet for the width of the ramp. In addition a single run of a ramp may not be more than a certain amount… some states declare this as 20 feet, and others as 40. So lets toss in two landings that are 5 feet x 5 feet minimum in order to shorten ramp runs and accommodate ADA building code. Now he had a ramp that took up 194 square feet of his site that he had other plans for and it cost him $3,000.00 to build in addition to the other renovations he was doing to the building.

    Same goes for the flexgender restroom debate. Men’s restrooms by code require fewer lavatories, and water closets and require less square footage. By enacting a flexgender building code change all bathrooms will need to be exactly the same and what was typically a male restroom will now need to be built to the specifications of a female restroom. This means more money spent by the business owner on plumbing, and other bathroom fixtures such as privacy stalls, and more square footage lost to space not used for the purposes of conducting business. All of that adds up to lost profits and higher expenditures.

    The issue at its truest and most fundamental core is one of finances… not some polarized moral code. After all building code enforces that the restrooms are built to certain specifications, but does not enforce their usage going forward. Just designed an art gallery where all the restrooms were labeled Male or Female during inspection. After the inspection the owner replaced the signs with unisex signs in support of the flexgender restroom debate. Nothing illegal about that and if an owner wishes to designate unisex / flexgender restrooms as Male and Female they have the right to do that under state and federal laws as long as the restrooms are built to flexgender specifications after the IBCC passes the flexgender restroom requirements. that is.

  27. I am a fan, but think you a missing something on this one. Would love to discuss. Here’s the prob I see w/ NC’s Bathroom bill. NC will only change birth cert after SRS so unless you snip, there is no way “to get your docs in order.” Even if you pass, think about people who transition (short of SRS) and keep their job. Co-workers will likely know you have not had SRS and someone will have you arrested the first time you use the ladies room. And if we all agree that high school kids should not medically transition, then physical males who present as female are either use the boys room or are expelled. Not sure where in the US you live, but where I am from in Texas, even in the cities, that is really dangerous. That kid will get beaten, it will be planned, and all the witnesses will say the trans kid started it by grabbing someone’s D or A. Five people’s words against one and an administration and police that will pay lip service to protecting all kids but unless there is video to contradict those statements, nothing will happen to the perpetrators.

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