The End Of Youtube?

As if flag campaigns and false DMCAs weren’t already fucking over Youtubers, a new way to have your channel tanked has emerged! My fellow Youtubers have been in a panic for the past 48 hours as massive amounts of videos across the platform have been demonetized. What this means is Youtube has stripped the ability to make money from these videos, deeming them “not advertiser friendly”. While I haven’t personally been hit with a demonetization notice, many of my friends have. Phillip DeFranco, a Youtuber who’s been in the game for 10 years with 4.5 million subscribers had over 40 of his videos hit. Thousands of smaller Youtubers have been affected as well, which is especially worrisome. Having even just a few of your videos stripped from ads can be devastating to a smaller channel’s survivability.

Youtube reserves to right to determine what it deems inappropriate for advertisers. However, the problem lies in the new, incredibly vague Terms of Service. Look closely, and you’ll see how these terms effect virtually EVERY Youtuber.


That’s right folks- don’t swear, talk about really anything in the news, say anything sexual, or be controversial (that’s not vague at all, is it?) in any way. Basically, sit in a corner, smile, and talk about how much you love puppies. But then again, that might offend cat people, right?

It’s unclear if this is some sort of automated system or deliberate action, but my guess would be that it is automated to an extent- It seems counterproductive for Youtube to fuck over it’s biggest creators. Huge channels like The Young Turks, Phillip DeFranco, and wildly popular beauty gurus have been hit. People talking about things as tame as acne solutions are seeing their money disappear.

This situation is particularly concerning for me, as I make highly controversial videos. My subscribers watch me specifically because I discuss highly contentious topics and current events. My channel has grown wildly in the past few months, which is why last month I felt comfortable enough to quit my dayjob and focus on content creation fulltime. I’m hoping Youtube sees how counterproductive this new system is and reverses it, because before all of this Youtube was one of the last safe havens for free speech and exchange of ideas, however controversial they may be.


  1. Everything must be nice. Thoughts must be nice. Language must be nice. This way only nice things will happen. And everything will be nice. We’ll all be gouging our own eyes out from boredom and absence of genuine thought, but in a nice way. Nice gouging. Must go and find a spike now …

  2. This is the future. There aren’t many places on the net where people can talk about things. Almost all big forums are biased left or right. If you look at the incoming policy things like TPP TPIP Eu policy etc this is the trend we will have to deal with. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t live in Europe. You can be visited by the police for illegal opinions things like ” Hey i don’t know if the immigration policy is good”. Freedom of thought is getting in the way of the almighty buck so we must get rid of it.

    P.s i wanted to comment of some of your vids but youtube won’t recognize my phone number. yay.

  3. This isn’t new, but I hear the PC police are pressuring YT to do this, but I know they were doing this a while ago, just not to this extent. It was done to me last year or so ago over a video I did on Blackout Burned Nights show. But now they’re enforcing it harder. The fact is they simply don’t want us speaking our minds on Youtube.

  4. Of course this happens as I’m considering making the move from blogging to youtube.

    I’m kind of torn here. I agree it is a form of censorship but it’s not outright censorship. They aren’t telling creators what they can’t say so much as they are telling them what they won’t be paid for saying. It sucks but it’s not Twitter banning Nero.

    What I really don’t understand is why youtube would do this. If ads are removed from videos, don’t they lose money too? I watch you and Phil DeFranco, and even more controversial people, because of the content you create. Even when I don’t agree, I still like watching. How does a company look at channels with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of subscribers and decide the content isn’t advertiser friendly? Which advertisers don’t want as many eyeballs as possible to see their products?

    This gets even stranger when you look at the language about political conflict, war, and that vague “controversial” garbage. The nightly news and 24 hour news stations have never had trouble getting advertisers and that’s 99% of what they cover.

    I don’t think it’s outright censorship, it’s pseudo-censorship dressed up in a spectacularly moronic business decision.

  5. The Ranting Monkey has it completely right on this one. It is not like if you post something controversial that you would get banned like Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos. It will be that you cannot make anymore money from YouTube.

    It is also correct that if YouTube pulls ads from people who have large numbers of subscribers, then the advertisers lose out as well. Eventually, there will be other sites that fill YouTube’s shoes. It’s just be a question of how long it would take. I also agree that it is indeed a spectacularly moronic business decision.

    • Sorry I didn’t mention this in my post above. But if YouTube is going to make such an idiotic decision, then what is needed is adaptation. One idea is that maybe people with large numbers of YouTube subscribers can offer to sell advertising to people with smaller numbers of subscribers. It can be done through Patreon or by other means. What would happen is that a YouTuber with a larger subscriber base can mention the channel of a YouTuber with a smaller subscriber base or run a “commercial” made by the smaller YouTuber. It would be a new form of networking among YouTubers. It’s basically cutting YouTube itself out of the equation when it comes to revenue. Donations through Patreon or other sites can also work. If someone has a lot of subscribers who likes his or her videos, people will make donations to keep the channel alive. I’m sure there can be other things that can be done to adapt to this. Necessity has always been the mother of invention.

      I just can’t wait to see how big advertisers are going to react when they are no longer able to put ads on popular YouTubers’ accounts due to these draconian changes.

      YouTube is going seriously rue the day they made this decision and will suffer for years to come unless they decide to make a turn around.

      • This is a great point. The big you tubers could also sell ads that are part of their vids. I know we wouldn’t be able to skip them but it would send a strong message that YouTube isn’t what we are after. It’s the content. Conten creators are what make this a billion dollar business. It’s not the name, or the url.
        If all the content creators would stick together, it wouldn’t be possible, YT was smart to creat a free for all. The ones who are still making change won’t cause a stink, and the ones who aren’t are the problem that they want to run off.

        You’ve got a great model, start a site, I’m sure you could sell a few ads, that’s where we all start anyhow.


    Watch this, and then come back and tell us how this is censorship. YouTube is a business. Advertisers are businesses. You, who I thought had a brain, should know this. No one told you to quit your job and do this. You should only be pissed at yourself.

  7. Consumerism by youtube channel owners permits this.

    Don’t be a consumer, bite the bullet and host your own videos, make your own money, run your own advertising.

    Free yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.

    If you have to use youtube then be as subversive as the marxist wangspankers are and tailor the content to both fit the ever-changing thoughtcrime rules and still get the message across. scrolling banner, links, teasers, CENSORED BY YOUTUBE black squares, whatever. Go south park on their ass.

  8. Please marry me Blair. Love your videos, I hope they don’t run all of the honest voices away. It’s strange that only one side of the same argument will be demonetized. If the argument is offensive, you’d think both sides would be forbidden.
    That’s the problem, the other side isn’t an honest conversation, it’s virtue signaling at ever smaller issues. I sure hope that’s a sign it’s near the end, but I fear it’s not.
    Keep up the great work, and please if you want to marry a straight white man, I’m your guy, you’d easily pass at my annual xmas party, you’re prettier than most the wives I’ve seen there. Lol.
    Keep killing it

  9. The world the SJWs want, with everything sanitized to fit their myopic but terrifying worldview, is a world I don’t want to live in. Of course, they’ll tell me to kill myself. But that’s okay. Instead of having pointy-eared furry children, I have two beautiful mixed raced awesome children, who will take over my space on this planet one day. The other people will leave behind bad internet posts and dead cats. Darwin gets the last laugh.

    Funny though, how they talk about censoring everything and everything… unless of course, it’s THEM being overtly sexual. In that case, you have to let them fuck on the sidewalk on Sunday else be accused of oppressing a “marginalized and vulnerable” group.

    Hypocrites, the lot of them. Regressive liberal SJW fascist scum.

  10. This may be the start of a new platform though. YouTube has become a giant business so now it’s getting lazy, and with vine gone is only a matter of time before society looks toward some new outlet..

  11. This is how Jews shut things down when people are starting to criticize them. It’s a way to stifle content they don’t like without the negative repercussions of actually banning it like Twitter has done. Is it coincidence these ToS have been updated with the uptick in the popularity of the AltRight, an openly anti-Semitic movement? This is how they tried to silence Andrew Anglin’s The Daily Stormer – by cutting off all sources of funding to the point where he can now only get income by donations via Bitcoin and snail mail.

  12. I have to wonder where people will go next if youtube falls? Realistically social media is generally the land of shark infested waters, eventually they all get eaten.

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